You have decided to sell your home. You may be upgrading to a larger house to support your growing family or moving for a new job opportunity. There are many steps to take leading up to listing your house for sale. Here are 5 important tasks to check off your to-do list.

Find a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

If you hire a real estate agent when you sell your house, you will have an advantage over other sellers. The experience will be less stressful with a professional supporting you. Your agent will help you decide on a fair asking price, list the home, and schedule showings. He or she will meet potential buyers at the home and showcase the positive aspects of the property so that you don’t have to.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection

You will have an easier time selling your house if you have documentation of the full condition of the home. Order a pre-listing inspection to have a licensed home inspector to assess the various components of the house and provide you with a report. An inspection report is a valuable tool for marketing your home to buyers and learning what can be improved before listing the home.

Make Repairs and Improvements

If the pre-listing inspection report reveals issues that may hold up the sale of the home, address them. The buyer will find out about them through their own home inspection, so it is best to either fix them before listing the home or be upfront about them to the buyer. If the buyer understands that the home has an issue that you have already accounted for in your asking price, he or she is less likely to negotiate or walk away from the deal at the last minute. Even if there aren’t problems, you can make improvements to add to the value of the house.

Focus on Curb Appeal When You Sell Your Home

Curb appeal plays a large role in the marketability of your home. When house shoppers approach a home, they instantly get a first impression that influences their entire opinion about the house. If the yard is not well-kept, they might assume that the home hasn’t been cared for. Manicure the lawn and landscaping, clean and decorate the front porch, and paint the front door an inviting color when selling your home.

Stage the Home

The way the home is staged also leaves the buyer with an impression of the home. Less furniture makes the rooms look larger. Clutter makes the buyer feel anxious. Photos of your family will make it harder for the buyer to imagine their own family living there. If you have already moved out, hire a professional staging company to provide furniture and stage the home.

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