Knowing how to prevent mold growth will help keep your home safe and your family healthy. Read on for some easy tips to prevent mold growth in your home.

1. Monitor Humidity to Prevent Mold Growth

Keeping indoor humidity levels low goes a long way towards preventing mold growth. Humidity can dampen walls and porous surfaces, creating an environment where mold thrives. A dehumidifier reduces humidity and maintains a comfortable environment that is less hospitable to mold.

2. Dry Any Wet Areas Immediately

Areas in the home that collect water should be dried promptly to prevent mold growth. Bathrooms, especially the areas around showers, are some of the dampest places found in a home. If you use fabric bath mats, wash and dry them weekly to reduce mold spores. Wipe up wet areas when exiting the shower and leave your fan running for at least 15 minutes after bathing. Clean the area surrounding the shower with products that discourage mold.

3. Reduce Condensation to Prevent Mold

Condensation creates an environment conducive to mold growth. Water or steam on the inside of windows indicates that moisture in the air is condensing and pooling. Visible condensation is often a sign of poor insulation and fluctuating temperatures. Fix this by adding insulation around the home and maintaining a consistent indoor temperature.

4. Use Mold Resistant Materials

Recent developments in construction and household materials include products that resist mold growth more effectively. Using these mold-resistant materials, especially in commonly wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, reduces the chances of mold growth. When tackling home improvement projects, use mold-resistant paint and building materials whenever possible.

5. Repair Leaks Immediately

Leaks in pipes can lead to damp areas where mold will grow. If a plumbing pipe bursts or leaks, repair it as quickly as possible and dry the affected area thoroughly. A dehumidifier and fan will help remove moisture from these areas.

6. Prevent Mold Growth by Draining Water Away From the Home

Rainwater accumulating near the foundation can facilitate mold growth if not properly redirected by gutters and downspouts. Make sure gutters are clean, functional, and that they properly deposit water away from the foundation. Some paint-on sealants help prevent water from draining into parts of the house, like the basement.

7. Consult a Professional to Prevent Mold Growth

A professional who specializes in mold is an invaluable resource when preventing and dealing with mold in the home. A professional will test to determine if mold has already developed and if so, help you formulate a plan to eliminate mold.

Mold is potentially hazardous and damaging to your home and health, but with some of these tactics, you can prevent mold growth in your home.

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