With the change of seasons, it’s time to make a few adjustments around the house to prepare your home during fall. Here are 5 things you should do in the next month to help your home stay comfortable during colder weather.

1. Prepare Your Home During Fall By Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize the lawn to help it grow back come spring. Fertilizing the grass when the weather is cool and wet is ideal. Check the weather report and complete this task 2-3 weeks before the ground freezes.

2. Inspect the Chimney

The fall season is when many people begin to use their fireplaces as a way of staying warm while spending time indoors. Schedule an inspection of the chimney to make sure it is in good condition and functioning properly. Issues with your chimney and fireplace can let soot, carbon monoxide, and smoke enter your home. Chimney fires are also a risk. Gas fireplaces need to be examined for cracks in the pipes and cleaned. Hire a professional to inspect and clean the chimney.

3. Inspect the HVAC System

Hire a professional to inspect the HVAC system so that you can be sure that it will operate well when you need it the most. The HVAC controls the internal climate in the building and improves indoor air quality. The technician will change the air filter, clean the unit, and identify any needed repairs.

Now is also the time to reprogram the thermostat as you prep your home for the fall. Change the thermostat settings to lower a few degrees when the house is unoccupied or when everyone is sleeping at night. Setting the thermostat schedule will not only improve the comfort in the home but will also save money on your energy bill.

4. Prepare the Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture on your property can take a beating from the elements. Keep it covered when it’s not in use to protect the materials and extend their lifespan. Bring any cushions or fabric materials inside, which can become damaged in rain and snow.

5. Insulate the Pipes to Prepare Your Home During Fall

When the outdoor weather reaches freezing temperatures, it can threaten certain materials and features in a building. Insulate the pipes in your basement, crawlspace, and outside the house to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Burst pipes can result in thousands of dollars in loss and repairs. Use simple foam sleeves to insulate the pipes.

Preparing your house during fall increases comfort and prevents weather-related damages. With the right steps taken, you can lower energy bills and eliminate problems over the winter.

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