Whether you’re ready to replace an old, deteriorating fence or giving your yard a new barrier, there are four important things to consider when planning a new fence.

Research Local Regulations When Planning a New Fence

Before getting started with your new fencing project, research the local codes and regulations. Local building codes, or even your HOA, can dictate details like how high your fence can be, which materials you can use, and even the style of fencing that’s allowed in your area. Obtain any legally required building permits before you start on the project.

Determine the Purpose of Your New Fence

What will you be building this fence for—a child-safe play area, a property boundary, a secure pet enclosure, or simply a visual statement? The purpose of your fence will play a big part in helping you decide how tall you want it to be and what kinds of materials to use.

Consider whether your fence will serve a practical purpose or an aesthetic one, and research your materials accordingly. If you are planning for a new fence to keep pets contained, then you might choose to omit decorative elements and instead go with more durable fencing materials.

Talk With Your Neighbors When Planning a New Fence

It’s common courtesy to let your neighbors know if you’re going to be working on any noisy construction project near their property. They might need to plan on how they’ll keep their pets and children safe from your construction site.

Also, sometimes neighbors have conflicting opinions or records of where the property lines are. By chatting with your neighbors and discussing this ahead of time, you can avoid stepping on any toes and prevent a dispute before the fence is built.

Plan Your Fence’s Access Points

While planning for a new fence, determine the best areas for the placement of your gates. Will you need to drive your car through the gate into the garage? Make sure that you have more than one way to pass in and out of your yard, so assess which other spots along the fence will see the most traffic.

Do you have a garden bed or a backyard pool? If so, plan for your second gate to be installed nearby. You may decide on extra features when planning the gates, such as a keypad lock that mechanically opens the gate.

Once you’ve decided that you want to install a new fence, take some time to plan it out. Start by looking up local codes and regulations to make sure that your new structure will comply. Determine the purpose of your new fence and shop for materials accordingly.  Chat with your neighbors to agree on the property lines. Last but not least, don’t forget to consider the most convenient places for gates to get the best use out of your new fence.

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