Inspections are an important step in the process of buying a home. Before you commit to such a big investment, hire a professional inspector to examine the property. Here are some of the reasons buyers should order a home inspection.

1. Order an Inspection to Learn About Issues You May Have Overlooked

Even if you are a person who is familiar with home maintenance, there is still no substitute for a professional home inspection. The inspector will report on all visible and accessible areas of a home, from the roof to the crawlspace and everything in between, including windows, faucets, and outlets. Buyers should order a home inspection to ensure any deficiencies are accounted for before they move forward with purchasing the home.

2. An Inspection Ensures the Home is Safe

As a homebuyer, you will want to know the property is safe. A professional home inspector will thoroughly assess every area of the house, testing electrical systems and appliances, and examining the structure for any signs of damage or disrepair.

3. Have Leverage for Negotiation When You Order a Home Inspection

The home inspector’s report will detail all the deficiencies found in the home. Most of these won’t be major issues and many repairs can be performed by the buyer after closing. Certain safety issues or major deficiencies, however, can be brought up to the seller as points of negotiation. A home inspection provides written documentation of these problems so the seller can evaluate a buyer’s requests for repairs.

4. An Inspection Helps You Know if the House is Worth the Asking Price

A professional home inspection will uncover issues with a property and help buyers decide whether the asking price is fair. If very few issues are found, buyers generally continue with the closing process knowing that the home is in great shape. If you are buying the house as-is, an inspection gives you an in-depth report on the condition of the property.

5. Inspections Give Buyers the Opportunity to Back Out

A home inspection can be a reality check for buyers who have fallen in love with a home. While home inspections are not conducted on a “pass-fail” basis, they do inform you when a property requires a lot of work. If the seller is not willing to fix major issues or adjust the price to allow for repairs, buyers have the opportunity to walk away. Buyers are usually covered by inspection contingency clauses in home sale contracts, making this another reason you should order a home inspection.

A professional inspection provides important information about the property you are hoping to purchase. It will provide an unbiased, clear analysis of the condition of the home so that you can make a well-informed decision moving forward.

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