For a first-time homeowner, many of the expenses associated with owning a property are unexpected. From new locks to landscaping, here are some home maintenance costs that might catch you off-guard.

Home Maintenance Costs to Expect

When transitioning from renting to owning a house, many home maintenance costs may come as a surprise. Prepare yourself by keeping the following expenses in mind.

Replacing the Locks

The keys to your new home are probably not new. The previous owner may have made copies of the keys for their petsitter, their housecleaner, and their friends. It costs money to replace the locks in your new house, but it is an important step to increase home security. You can add an alarm system or upgrade to a better lock system for more peace of mind.

Pest Prevention as a Home Maintenance Cost

When renting, the landlord deals with any pest problems. Pest prevention and treatment is now your responsibility. Invest in preventative pest control services to ward off termites, mice, and other insects. Protect against these unwelcome visitors to keep your new home pest-free.

Landscaping Maintenance Costs

You may be taken aback by how expensive lawn maintenance costs can be. However, if you want an attractive yard, you’ll need to hire a landscaping service or tackle the job yourself. Performing the work yourself will be more affordable, but you’ll still need to budget for the proper tools and equipment.

Unexpected Home Repairs

Home repairs are unavoidable home maintenance costs. Even if the home is newly built, wear and tear will cause issues that need to be fixed. Whether you have a plumbing problem or a leaking roof, new homeowners need to prepare for the unexpected costs of home repairs.

A newly constructed home might be under a warranty from the builder. If the home is still under warranty, the builder may be responsible for some of the repairs.

New homeowners should know about possible home maintenance costs. Create a budget and set aside money every month to make needed repairs and improvements to your home.

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