We all want to keep ourselves and our families healthy. However, one factor of health is your environment. Since we spend a significant amount of time in our houses, make these upgrades for a healthier home.

1. Add Entry Mats

Adding mats to both the inside and outside of each exterior door helps keep the home cleaner and healthier. Dirt and bacteria will wipe off on the mat instead of getting tracked indoors. For the best results, you can also ask your guests and family to take off their shoes at the door.

2. Change Air Filters for a Healthier Home

Air filters are a part of your HVAC system that plays a role in indoor air quality. Filters remove dirt, dust, pollen, and other pollutants that can affect your health. Change these filters out for clean ones every 30-90 days, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation for your system. This is especially important if you have any household members with allergies.

3. Upgrade Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning regularly helps to reduce pollutants. However, if you’re cleaning with poor-quality equipment and harsh chemicals, then you’re not going to see the best results.

Invest in a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. They do a better job of removing more particles from your home. Use natural cleaning products that don’t bring chemicals into the home, helping to keep everyone safe.

4. A Healthier Home has Working Smoke and CO Detectors

Both smoke and carbon monoxide are dangerous hazards. Your house may already have smoke and CO detectors installed. Make sure that you test them regularly and replace the batteries as needed. Since detectors will lose function over time, replace them at least every 10 years or more often if needed. These detectors can save your life so they’re worth maintaining.

5. Use Electric Yard Equipment

Most of the devices you use in your house are probably already electric, but what about the lawn equipment you use? From lawnmowers to weed whackers, you can find electric tools with rechargeable batteries.

Use battery-powered lawn care equipment to reduce your gasoline consumption and avoid releasing toxins into the air around your home. This way you won’t have to keep containers of gasoline on hand, which also pose a threat to your home’s safety.

Creating a healthier home is easy to do. You may even be taking some of these steps already. If you want to improve the health of your home naturally, implement the above tips in your home. You’ll find that even small changes will add up over time.

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