Many homeowners want to have an energy-efficient home. This can be challenging to achieve, especially if your home is older. However, with some effort and investment, you can make your home more efficient and save money on your power bills.

Upgrade Appliances

Appliances like the refrigerator, air conditioner, furnace, washer, dryer, water heater, and stove make up the bulk of the energy usage in a house. Every year, manufacturers make more efficient models.

Replace older appliances with new ones to save on energy bills for the long-term. Look for an ENERGY STAR certification when shopping for new appliances.

Add Solar Panels for an Energy-Efficient Home

Installing solar panels is a big investment that will pay off over time. Many states offer tax rebates for homeowners to go solar, and solar panel companies offer financing and payment plans to cover the cost of materials and installation.

Homes that see plenty of sunshine can generate enough energy to power the whole house, and you won’t have to pay the power company anymore.

Seal Doors and Windows

An easy and affordable method for boosting your home’s energy-efficiency is simply sealing up gaps around doors and windows. Conditioned air may be seeping out of these spaces so it’s important that they’re airtight. Adhesive strips made for this purpose are available at hardware stores.

Cook Outdoors

Cooking outdoors is a way of saving energy at home. Invest in a charcoal or gas grill to cook your food when the weather is nice. Grilling won’t raise your energy bill and you won’t heat up the house with the stove, which makes the AC work harder.

HVAC Maintenance for an Energy-Efficient Home

The HVAC system is the biggest energy hog in most homes. It runs more efficiently when it has been maintained. Replace the filter on a regular schedule to keep the system from overworking. Regular HVAC inspections may catch issues that are hindering efficiency.

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